Grace & Sons Estate Sales Thank you for taking a moment to learn more about Grace & Sons Estate Sales. We were formerly known As Betty Sue & CO estates sales, but Gracie and her Son Alex bought her estate sale business. With 10 years in business, we have been able to streamline the process of your Estate Sale to make it effortless and profitable to you. Our Estate Sales Team offers a unique blend of expertise to help you throughout the entire process: staging, pricing, marketing, sales events, and clean up.

You will be glad you hired Grace & Sons Estate Sales.

We take great pride in each sale offering compassion, simplicity, and maximum results. No matter what your reason is for needing an Estate Sale, we can help you. We are there to help with Mom and Dad’s belongings, and we are there to help when you are ready to downsize or move.

1. Setting Up: We spend 2-10 days setting up your sale depending on the size of the estate: This includes organizing all of the contents of the property, kitchen and bathroom items, wardrobe and jewelry, collectibles, contents of the garage, home furnishings, outdoor plants, furniture, yard art, etc. We may need to stay on the property to secure contents. You don’t need to do anything unless you are keeping specific items. Personal items not part of the sale must be secured by owner or an agreed location by both parties. These items should be remove by the first day once we take possession of the estate sale property.

2. Pricing: No out of pocket costs to you. Our fee for running an estate sales is 35%. We do not bill for set up and staging. Our staff price every item in the home or business. Items are researched if necessary. Our large list of pre-sale shoppers and collectors means that we can yield more for each item than if you were to try to do this yourself. Cashier check or cash will be paid within 2-3 days of sales completion.

3. Pre-marketing: Your sale details will go out to our loyal customers along with quality photographs and details to create interest and urgency. We use a professional email marketing system that puts your sale in the very best light. Your sale and all the details and photos will be listed on EstateSales.org, Craigslist, local newspaper, and our Facebook page, also we do a email blast that has over 7500 people.

4. Estate Sale: Our sales typically run 1-2, or larger sales make take 2 -3 days. We always keep one person to watch the jewelry and one person to handle the money. A second team member stands at the exits being sure to eliminate the possibility of theft. We have up to 4-5 employees at each sale for customer service and cleaning, etc.

5. Utilities: Please keep utilities on from setup to clean up as well as your home owner insurance.

6. Removal of items: Once agreement (contract) is signed -Please do not remove items after we have taken possession of the property. We will request for a key and place a lock box on the door.

7. Personal Items: If found- we do gather and save all personal items such as photos, tax records, banking, etc and secure them to be return to you. Clean Up: It may take a few days (2-5- varies depending on size of estate) but our staff will devoid of all items leave the home in very good condition. All trash and boxes will be removed. All floors will be swept and vacuumed, and counters wiped down. Our staff is in aprons and professional and friendly.

Our company owner is On-Site. We are a family run business. We keep the same staff for each sale. Our employees stay with us.

We look forward to helping you with your sale. Just pick up the phone and call our owner Gracie Hallum or Alex Hallum at 209-402-3560 or 209-595-8771

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